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Portfolio updates

Mon, Feb 07, 23:47 | 0 comments

Well, after centuries, I had some time (little) to update my website. Life got a little crazy in these last months: lots of work and new challenges (but about these into a future post). So, what’s new in portfolio? The ...
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Little updates

Wed, Aug 04, 17:30 | 0 comments

I’ve made some time for updating my work section. I will add a new category soon: iPhone App Designs. I have started building some interfaces for iPhone and iPad. So far, so good. There’s no big difference between designing for ...
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Been busy

Mon, Apr 19, 14:21 | 1 comment

Been busy a lot. These past 4 months I’ve been just into my job tasks; also life here got crazy a little bit (more) and many changes occurred. In the end all are good. I’ll try to make time (more ...
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Sometimes I post here my opinions. I like to write about anything design related. I will post here everything that I will find interesting, learn or get inspiration from.


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