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My design toy

Sun, Oct 25, 10:19 | 0 comments

I am an Apple user since Feb 2008. At that time I was a happy owner of an MacBook Pro. After a year, due it is nVidia card malfunction, I had to sell it and think of a new machine. ...
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Design: the story

Sat, Oct 24, 16:59 | 0 comments

As I said in my previous post, each step of creating this site has a story. Today I’ll show you the very first steps of it. I had in mind something very simple, clean and easy: but in time I’ve ...
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Tags: about, design, inspiration

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Impossible task

Mon, Oct 05, 21:51 | 0 comments

I’m talking about the ‘supreme and impossible and never ending task’ for a webdesigner. Ask him to make his own website. You may have him (or her) busy for centuries… Every designer wants to put the best in his own website, to make it perfect.
Posted in: Blogging
Tags: about, design, blogging

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Sometimes I post here my opinions. I like to write about anything design related. I will post here everything that I will find interesting, learn or get inspiration from.


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