The client = creativity killer?

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I’ve found an interesting article regarding “difficult clients”. The author told the story better than I could (into a more delicate way)
I will use here some of his quotes and let you enjoy the whole article in his website.

No matter which field we belong to, our most common complaint is “My client is really difficult to handle.”  And yes, being a graphic designer, I think we are the ones who mainly get to deal with the most complicated clients

And things I’ve heard a few times from my clients too:

“I have a neighbor that has a nephew that does websites too… So, I’ll go to him, I can bet he’s cheaper” (yes, everyone’s a designer nowadays)
“Our CEO likes them (boxes) right angled. Make them rounded. And why this color? Make them red…” (both CEO and Marketing person were women)

Anyway, go read this article. And for a complete experience over “the client is always right” read this one: “Ode to the amateur logo


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Umair Sharif

on 01/28 @ 01:00 AM | permalink

damn right sir.. this happens a lot.. you should be glad that at least the guy didn’t showed himself as a graphic designer (happened with me!!)


on 10/11 @ 01:13 PM | permalink

Very interesting article. I completely agree with this. Sometimes its really difficult to handle the client specially when he is not willing to listen you. It usually happens.

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