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If you are a webdeveloper, this site will make your day. I’ve never read something more funny… trust me, worth wasting some time around it.

Me: “I will create a login box on your website. Once someone registers and logs in, the website will recognize who the user is and provide relevant content.”

Client: “That sounds great. However, instead of a login box Iíd like to use biometrics to identify the user.”

Me: “Not sure what you mean.”

Client: “When someone visits the website, I want them to be able to put their hand on the monitor. The monitor will then scan their hand to confirm who they are. I think that would be a lot more engaging. How much extra would that functionality cost?”

Me: “Several hundred million dollars.”

Client: Why are you being a wiseass? Can you do it or not?

Me: “No. Sorry. Thatís a little too advanced.”

Client: “Fine. Iíll try another web designer.”

You’ll find more here.

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on 10/24 @ 12:44 PM | permalink

This gotta be some joke, I mean, where did you find the client?!
Another day in the life of a web designer/developer. LMAO.


on 02/08 @ 09:06 PM | permalink

You are right this is 2 funny, It seems like he watches a lot of movies ha.

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