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I am an Apple user since Feb 2008. At that time I was a happy owner of an MacBook Pro. After a year, due it is nVidia card malfunction, I had to sell it and think of a new machine. Because the new MacBook Pros’ are so messy (the glassy-glossy screen) I had to give up on mobility and choose something bigger. So, I’ve got an iMac.
This week Apple came with a new model:
The new 27'' iMac

27’?? I guess it is huge. Mine is 24’’ and on its side I have the PC which has attached an 22’’ Dell. You can tell the size difference in no time. The box of 24’’ iMac was huge (took 3/4 of the backside car seats). On my desk it looks like a monster. And it’s 24’‘. Wondering how a 27’’ will look like. Quad-core? It must be a beast also (see more details about the new iMac on its page)
I don’t want to upgrade (the present iMac doesn’t even have 1 year old) - I’m just wondering so far. Also I’m not one of those who jumps into revision “A” products; there’s always something “not perfect yet” - I’m waiting for a revision “B”: less headache and more lucky to get a ‘perfect’ machine.
Looks monstrous anyway…
Anyway, looks nice on outside. iFixit will show us how the new iMac look inside.
See the rest of the pictures on iFixit (btw, I like this site)

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