What's Pixelcool

Pixelcool is my small graphic design studio.

PixelCOOL is a one-man design & web studio. For all your pixel based needs.

What else?

Pixelcool truly excel at providing extremly nice, cost effective, full featured, user centered.... blah, blah, blah....

(insert here one of the most regurgitated webdesign/design/branding marketing/keywording paragraphs). Anyone can spoil you with the same old design keywords. But not me. I don't want to impress you with complicated words or make you decipher strange abbreviations, my goal is simple:

I strive to make every pixel look great!

I love what I do! Entirely!


As a creative graphic and website designer, I can provide a variety of design services:


  • + Design / Concept
  • + Standards-compliant websites
  • + Dynamic websites


  • + logos
  • + corporate indentity


  • + brochures
  • + advertising


When it comes to writting about me, I dislike it intensely. If you'd like to know more than you're about to read, it's probably better to ask.

I'm a multi-disciplined, self-taught graphic/web designer of all things related to the web.

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What's PixelCOOL?

Creativity, professionalism, experiment.

I'm a passionate UI/UX/Graphic Designer focused on usability and creativity.

Why PixelCOOL?

Experience does matter.

That's why you are looking for a partner who thinks with you and thinks ahead. But who is also ready to get down to work.

Have a project in mind?

Then get in touch!

Interested in finding out how PixelCOOL can help your organisation make the most of the internet?

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